The power of EstateSpace is undeniable. This data-driven platform requires upfront coordination to realize maximum power for years to come. Collecting and uploading data is a significant, potentially overwhelming task. Tapestry provides services that help Clients solve this data conundrum and guide their long-term success. We carefully learn about you and your needs, identify your key goals and strategic objectives, and determine the most effective integration of EstateSpace into your organization's personal ecosystem. Your "Quick-Start" Advantage will accelerate documentation and data collection, optimize your operational and personal service goals, and simplify EstateSpace adoption into your lifestyle.


THREE VIRTUAL SESSIONS - To guide your adoption. 

  1. "GENERAL-ASSESSMENT" - Questionnaire defining your high-level goals
  2. "USE-ASSESSMENT" - Tailored questionnaire to further explore your specific documentation/data gathering needs, service delivery processes and key Owner/User requirements 
  3. "QUICK-START" ROADMAP - Your actionable plan includes:
    • Executive summary prioritizing your high-level goals and use assessments
    • Inventory cataloging & data upload plan, with cost estimates
    • Elective operational support services, with cost estimates
    • Timeline to configure your eSpace, train your team and expedite your rollout 


  • Accelerate documentation and data collection
  • Optimize operational and personal services goals
  • Simplify adoption and integration EstateSpace