Platinum Annual Subscription with “Quick-Start” Advantage

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Platinum Annual Subscription + Quick-Start Advantage

Our founders have expertise in complex asset management and technology. Our team reverse-engineers holistic solutions to support your goals and safeguard your interests. You collaborate with our proven team of experienced professionals to create an amazing experience that fits your needs.


  1. Project Kick-Off (60-minute videoconference); Upon engagement, EstateSpace and Tapestry Associates will schedule an introductory 60-minute videoconference with the designated Client representative | The purpose of this call is to identify your key goals and the process for the integration of EstateSpace into your personal ecosystem | In advance of the call, we will provide an EstateSpace Quick-Start Questionnaire for completion and return | We require that the completed questionnaire is returned at least 48-hours prior to the scheduled call
  2. Confirmation of initial findings (60-minute videoconference); We will consolidate the information gathered to-date into an Executive Summary | We will schedule a second 60-minute videoconference with you to review and confirm the accuracy of our initial findings
  3. Delivery of"Quick-Start" Roadmap (60-minute videoconference); We will schedule a final 60-minute videoconference to review the findings of the QuickStart assessment.

The Quick-Start Roadmap outlines the following:

Executive Summary of EstateSpace Quick-Start Questionnaire findings | Suggested timeline for EstateSpace rollout | Data collection and bulk upload support needs evaluation with estimated costs | Recommendations for additional optional support services


EstateSpace Quick-Start Assessment is intended to: Simplify adoption and integration of EstateSpace | Accelerate documentation and data collection | Optimize operational and personal service goals